Monday, June 29, 2009

Police Advisory Letter

Military style semi automatic firearms (MSSA) - advisory to Arms Officers and Arms Dealers

As a result of concerns about the application of the definition of 'sporting configuration' as it applies to semi automatic firearms Police have reviewed the definition of MSSAs. The result of this review was considered by the Police executive in the week beginning 1 June 2009.

'Sporting configuration' in relation to a semi automatic firearm means being without certain features, one of which is 'a military pattern free standing pistol grip'.

If the semi automatic firearm has an obvious pistol grip that allows a full hand pistol grip, enabling the firearm to be used as an assault weapon then the qualifier of 'military pattern free standing pistol grip' is met irrespective that the pistol grip may be connected to the stock. The HK USC .45 and SL8-4, and the druganov style stock retain the practical functionality of a pistol grip and much of the appearance and thereby fall within the definition of being MSSAs.

A montage has been compiled by way of explanation.

A fore grip also comes within the definition of 'military pattern free standing pistol grip'.

The provisions of the Arms Act 1983 as they apply to MSSAs are now to be applied to these firearms.

Police are now developing policy to address those who possess what are now considered MSSAs.


Superintendent A W McLeod

National Manager Operations

9 June 2009

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