Monday, June 29, 2009


The High Court at Palmerston North has accepted filing of our application for judical review / declaratory judgment.

So far its set me back $400 bucks in filing fees (and $250 bucks insurance excess for the guys car who I reversed my Landcruiser into outside the Court house.. oh well shit happens :) So anyone who can make a small contribution towards my efforts to save our collective butts.. please feel free to touch base..

Next step is that the High Court will give me a service copy of the proceedings to serve on the Police. At that time we will also have a hearing date for the "1st" hearing... a pretrial judicial confererence to discuss various process issues.

Just cos I know a thing or two about the Police .. let me record here that the gas piston and rod have been removed from my H&K SL8-4 and sent to an arms dealer for safe keeping. Therefore my SL8 is currently not a semi-automatic; It is now a straight pull bolt action and is accordingly not able to be "classified" as an MSSA.

Update again soon


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