Saturday, July 4, 2009

In one day alone ..... you legends !

In just a single day you have demonstrated your strenght of character and determination. You can hunt on my block any day !

Please remember I need to be able to make sure your donations can be returned if theres any left over or (and more likely) we are awarded full costs by the High Court. Please then include some deposit reference (an account number would be best) where I can reinburse you once we've won our case.

If you havn't donated yet please give anything you can. 200,000 license holders. 10% @ $1.00 each = $20,000.

Keep in mind the Police are going to spend YOUR TAX PAYER MONEY to try and stop you resisting their misinterpretation.

We need to brief legal counsel prior to the 14th of July.

Cheers and thanks thanks thanks thanks for the support, donations, resources and offers of help !

Your donations and any other communication with me or this website are strictly anonymous unless you request otherwise.

Click the picture below to view our bank account statement (detailing where to make donations.)

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