Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hi Richard

I found a link to your site from the forums.

I'm keen to get added to your mailing list. While I don't currently own any firearms that would be affected by this re-interpretation, I would like to have the opportunity left open for me in the future if I was to want one. Hopefully I can also scrounge up some money to aid you in your bid to overthrow this ludicrous decision by the police. Please be sure to let everyone know the court dates/times as I'm sure there are a few in Palmy (including myself) that would be keen to make an appearance in your support.


Hi ****

Great to see the word is getting out!  - and thank you very much for your donation.

Additional to serving the purpose of keeping your options open, it is important to impress upon the Police via the Courts, that they cannot simply apply a misinterpretation of a law they preside over to suit their own agenda. If they get away with this, it won't be long before your bolt action is misinterpreted as being a semi-automatic and your Labrador retriever will become an 'especially dangerous weapon.' I thought they got that message loud and clear in PTC v Commissioner of Police.

…but apparently their memories are fading!

You're on the list my friend!

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