Friday, July 31, 2009

This is the way it should

Example of a good organisation protecting the rights of its members.... Go the NRA ! what say you all ?

NRA Civil Rights Defence fund


Anonymous said...

A great idea, all shooters should contribute to the cause. Stand together and fight for our ability to own these firearms.

Grant said...

The US NRA is very potent and anything similar to them can only be good in NZ.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard, Can NSA be NRA instead? Like the logos on this site; you have the "National Rifle Association of America" and "National Rifle Association of United Kingdom". I think its a good idea because NRA is seen as a powerful brand.

Richard said...

Unfortunately NRA is already (NRANZ) they seem like a club arrangement and is cybersitting with a commercial site... so NSA will have to do... unless NRANZ are prepared to give up their name :-)

Chris said...

While we make up our minds whose organisational back to scratch the rot is catching on. I've just had a bona fide A CAT Auction cancelled by Trade Me with the following message and I quote "There has recently been a change made by Police to the definition of a MSSA (Military style semi automatic). We have removed your listing as information that we have available to us indicates that this firearm is now considered to be an MSSA and therefore you are required to have an E endorsement. As per our terms and conditions 4.2 s: Trade Me will only permit the sale of "A" category firearms, in sporting configuration, as defined by the Arms Act 1983. You are not permitted to sell firearms that require additional license endorsements to purchase.
1.The rifle (on gunstuff) has a dragunov stock and fore-grip.
2. Gun City are selling a similar semi auto rifle with a slightly different thumbhole stock on trade-me as I type.
3. Trade me are selling body armor at $8000 a pop - sinister or what.

Anonymous said...

NZNRA + fullbore rifle shooting in NZ. A major shooting org. Highly unlikely to want to give up their name. Should tap them for a donation though? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, you should list that rifle on instead!

Stop supporting Trademe, they obviously dont care about gun owners like us mate.

Plus, GunStuff is free (at the moment) and trademe charges almost 7% in success fees!

Anonymous said...

Look at the retarded kiwi on TradeMe gets too much good publicity than they diserve.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt it tell you something when the majority of us post here under the anonymous name.

There is such an attitude of fear here in NZ that if we actually publish our real names that we will leave ourselves open to persecution by the government and their minions, the NZ Police dept.

Is this idicitive of a free and democratic society? I dont think so. It smacks of the political underpinnings of the mid part of the last century in places such as Soviet Russia.

Can we really trust our shooting bodies when they pander to this obvious misuse of political power.

Power we gave them through a mandate at electiuon time. The onlyt time they really pretend that they welcome our opinions.


Anonymous said...

Actually no. Its a responsible move not to publish your name anywhere on the internet if at all possible.

So long as the message you post is getting accross what you meant, thats all that counts.

Keep up the good work Richard.

Chris said...

Not to detract from the seriousness of the situation my rifle has been relisted on trademe without the 'illegal' furniture but now includes a barrel bounted overtaking mirror and drinks holder. I have no doubt that having done it once Trade-me will have no quams about passing personal information to the Police or any other government department for that matter. Join the cause! advertise a firearm on trademe with unusual but legal optional extras like a coat rack...or a small goat called Eric ??

Sorry guys I'm just pee'd off that TradeMe get away with this type of intimidation.

Pistol Shooter said...

Mabey a strong NRA type group with some teeth is what we need for this government to work with us. COLFO took the softy softy approach and look where it got us. Be we need to keep in mind that we eventually want to work with police to make sensible rules, not spend all out time fighting them in court.

Be nice to spend some of that legal fund on promoting firearms in a good light through TV and print advertising.

Chris said...

You're right of course, and well said! - a bit of clout is what we need to make ourselves heard. Lets get over this initial hurdle with Richard at the helm. With hindsight if we'd had the aforementioned 'clout' certain elements wouldn't have taken it upon themselves to re-interpret the Arms act with such obvious disregard to the rights of gun owners.