Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crown law office in contact

Crown law have emailed me and provided their contact person who will be championing their defence.

Next week on Tuesday we have the judicial conference. Prior to that conference we have to prepare a memorandum covering various procedural issues; one of which if the issue of interlocutory applications — if any. An interlocutory application is an application for a Court order peripheral to the substantive issue.

I have asked Crown Law to secure and undertaking from Police that they will set-aside their policy until the Court has finally dealt with the matter.

This is my email to crown law:


"Thankyou for your email Austin

I am preparing a memorandum for the High Court conference. At this stage I seek from you a formal undertaking from crown law that the Police will not further advertise, implement or enforce their reinterpretation of the Arms Act definition of MSSA, and that the Police policy is forthwith set-aside and is of no effect until this matter is finally determined by the High Court. In this way we will avoid the need to apply for an interim injunction.

I would draw to your attention that Police are currently criminalising thousands of responsible law-abiding citizens and interfering with the commercial interests of hundreds of legitimate arms dealers and manufacturers. The mood of those presently affected is such that I cannot guarantee that collectively we will not sue for exemplary damages if the Police are uncooperative.

Would you be good enough to let me know as soon as possible. If I do not hear from you prior to filing memoranda, I will assume that such an undertaking is not forthcoming and an interim injunction, with its associated costs, will have to be considered.

Richard Lincoln"


Anonymous said...


really good to see you taking it to them,

unlike the case with COLFO who have been taking our money for years and when faced with this basic problem have just betrayed us.

Anonymous said...

Well done Richard.
Nice to see you are giving them a taste of their own medicine.

And yes COLFO have been pretty disappointing to say the least.They should have been undertaking your actions.
Chris T

Chris (Mr Merde) said...

Very well put. I wish that someone had acted in this manner in the 80's and 90's in the UK when we lost a lot of our shooting rights. I've kept quiet so far as I had lived through the dismal efforts of the varios groups then and basically had the spitit knocked outr of me. After doing such things as raising awareness and picketing the Commonwealth Games I lost heart and gave all my remaining guns away. Thanks for reminding me that one person can make a difference. I for one, though not owning any firearm that will be affected by this attemoted subversion of law, will join any collective endeavour that will allow the future of my sport to thrive.

Grant said...

Well put Richard.

My email to COLFO came back with courses of action to make my Dragunov legal under the new interpretations and nothing about combating the absurdity of the MSSA interpretation. Telling indeed.

Andrew said...

Glad to see someone with some legal know how helping out thousands of law obiding firearm owners.

We wish you the best of luck mate

Anonymous said...


You have my support and I will be making a donation and have decided not to pay my COLFO leavy this year or any year until the have the balls to act as you have.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard, thanks for laying the smack down!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, just found this website. My god man, power too you, I'll be signing up to donate as well.
COLFO, well, never was a member and judging by their incredible skills at being able to sit on their hands and still put their fingers in their ears at the same time, I never WILL be a member of their organisation.

Good luck to you fella, you've got my support!