Thursday, July 9, 2009

Judicial conference memorandum

Judicial conference memorandum submitted to Court today. This addresses procedural issues and seeks an estoppel on Police altering the terms of a firearms license.

Click on the title [Judicial conference memorandum] above to view the PDF copy. Also available on the sidebar under proceedings documents links.

Affidavit supporting application for interim orders available on the sidebar under proceedings documents links



Anonymous said...


Grant said...

I have read the whole thing in detail and have to say good job. Brings back my commercial law studies vividly. It takes considerable time to produce these arguments 'just so' and I very much appreciate your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Well done again Richard.

To those dashing around now trying to comply with this new interpretation, I recommend do NOTHING !!! until you receive at least some form of "official" notification from NZP about this matter.They have all our contact details(FAL holders),they need to make the first move.I have spoken to many FAL holders who have not even heard about this situation.

NZP so far have done nothing at all to notify me personally(or any other FAL holder I know),zip,zero,which sums up the turmoil we all confront.
I will continue to do nothing about any affected firearms I may possess until this whole stupid matter is resolved.
I hope to donate to the cause in the very near future Richard,and again I thank you.

Chris T

Anonymous said...

Really good of you mate, to fight this hard for behalf of all of us.

I hope we can all support you enough for this massive undertaking.

Craig said...

Well done Richard.

Could you please tell me where I can find more information re Practical Shooting Inst. Inc. v COP - I'm interested to learn the details.


Richard said...
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Richard said...

Hi Craig

See the post titled "incoming". Theres is link to the judgment there.


Unknown said...

A very interesting read, so when are the police going to let the majority of FAL holders that know nothing about this little farce. You have my support in dealing with this issue.