Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Date for interim orders

The High Court at Palmerston North provided a date today for the hearing of the interlocutory application for interim orders. The notice states 14 August 2009 in Court room 1 at 10am.

I have responded to the Registrar pointing out that that date is unacceptable as it is after the 10th of August and this matter should be heard prior to that date and with sufficient time to appeal to the Court of appeal if an interim order is declined. I have also pointed out that this matter has far reaching effects for thousands of other private and commercial interests. I have asked for an earlier fixture. The Registrar has not replied yet.

I now ask that all effect users email me so that I can present those emails to the Judge: Who you are, your license has been held for how many years, your concerns about this matter, your desire not to be criminalised by Police, etc, etc. I will present those emails to the Judge…. (So mind your P's & Q's.)

Also everyone who can and will attend the Court fixture please email me separately and let me know. It is important that we have a good show of hands to ensure that we are taken seriously. Members of the Press are likely to be present.



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Grant said...

I have emailed you a letter for the judge. I'm sure courts have heard preliminary injunction requesting cases before on shorter notice. The later date is unacceptable. Surely an earlier date can be arranged.