Thursday, July 23, 2009

We have a date…

Yesterday there were some discussions with the Registrar of the High Court at Palmerston North. I was concerned that this matter was not being taken seriously. Needless to say there were a couple of succinct emails that went to the courthouse.

The Registrar has now been in contact again and has now set the matter down for 29th July 2009 at 12 noon in the High Court here at Palmerston North. That's next Wednesday. I will post the actual fixture notice when it arrives.

I call on you now to help me by emailing me and setting out your own circumstances. This however is not the forum to debate the substantive issue (that chance will come later.) We need to focus on interim orders; the purpose of these is to preserve the position of the applicant.

For now I need to show the Court the following points:

  • You are a real person… i.e. identity – name and city of domicile
  • You have standing – ie: you are affected because you own one of the firearms affected by the policy change, or are selling, buying, fixing, borrowing one, planning to marry one, or whatever.
  • Interim orders will not be contrary to the public interest: - eg: You have held a firearms license for a period of time, you have never caused any trouble with your firearms, and it is not contrary to the public interest to hold the status quos. You will obey the law as it applies at this time until the court has considered this matter. You are a law-abiding responsible FAL holder who takes the responsibility of having firearms seriously and respectfully.
  • You are disadvantaged by the new policy because – eg: you are fixing a gun that you cannot return to its owner, you are stuck with shop stock you cannot sell, you cannot assist your neighbour culling furry things, you will be unable to hunt to feed your family, etc, etc. You will be criminalised if the policy is implemented and in peril of prosecution. You don't want to buy a new safe, get and 'e' endorsement – or – modify your gun – or hand it over to Police – or sell it… while this matter has not yet been determined by the Court.

All this in your own words please J

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Grant said...

excellent that a closer date has been achieved. Now for another email.