Saturday, July 25, 2009

Further advice

This court action has a very high probability of success however there can be no absolute guarantee of a win. In the event that the Police succeed in this case, they will have effectively gained a ruling that each firearm that they approved for the last sixteen years as 'a' category which is now re-classified was incorrectly approved in the first place. This of course establishes substantial negligence on the part of Police and they will be liable for any costs incurred on firearms owners and dealers for conversions, security upgrades, consequential losses and so on. If you do take any steps to comply with the threats and demands from Police at this time, please keep your receipts. In the event that they do manage to establish their negligence by winning these proceedings, I will be arranging a class action to sue for the extra costs of compliance and loss incurred.


Grant said...

blech, conversion isn't worth bearing. Truly an 'if all else fails' action. Lets hope common sense and the existing application of the law are upheld.

Kevin said...

Hi i live in Brisbane and have NZ firearms licence.
Do not let NZ go down the same firearms path as Australia .
Over here i can not even own or shoot a .22 semi-auto like a Ruger 10/22.
send in your money and help out it is for the future of NZ shooters.

I have sent in my money.


Anonymous said...

Look, I don't want to come across as a monster raving looney but you do know this whole gun ban movement is part of a globalist movement by the U.N. and the proponents of one world government, right? Seriously - check out what is happening in the States now and the gun-grabbers that are being appointed to key positions on the US supreme court. This whole motion in NZ is nothing about "safety", it's not even about the NZ Police over-reaching their authority (although they are in doing this). The NZ police are merely following orders from the powers that be like an incontinant old bulldog wandering off too fetch his masters slippers.

Before you roll your eyes and right what I've said off as bogus "conspiracy theory" go do some reading and research yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Before you roll your eyes and right what I've said off as bogus "conspiracy theory" go do some reading and research yourself."

what "anonymous said..." is right.
There is an elephant in the room that many don't see and even fewer want to acknowledge.

Richard said...

There is pressure on New Zealand to align itself with the UN conventions on Arms Control. Thats partly the reason why theres a third amendment in Parliament at the moment.