Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look its a single shot, military style, lever action, semi-automatic, double barrel, subatomic, nuclear, musket machine gun PERIOD !

I have confirmed the details of the bolt-action rifle classified by Police as being a semi-automatic. The Steyr AUG has recently been produced in a straight pull bolt action model; similar to the H&K R8. The New Zealand Police recently inspected one of these bolt action rifles pending import into New Zealand. They classified it as semi-automatic.

Legal definition of a semi-automatic (Arms Act section 2)

"a firearm which, after being loaded, fires, ejects, and chambers a cartridge with each pull of the trigger"

Lawyers for the importers wrote to Police:

"We are puzzled about that view, given that the firearm in question has, by the manufacturer, been made a straight pull bolt action rifle. It does not, therefore, after being loaded, fire, eject and chamber a cartridge with each pull of the trigger."

Inspector Joe Green replied:

"The Police Armourer has demonstrated that all of the working of the semi automatic are retained with the exception of the gas assembly attached to the barrel. By simply replacing the barrel with one with this attached, and which is the original design of the firearm (a very simple process) the firearm is returned to semi automatic. That is, to its original form. This is a non technical explanation Police are happy to expand on."

If you have a firearm that can be converted from a bolt action to a semi-automatic then that firearm is a semi-automatic regardless of whether it's been converted or not?

Maybe we should have a game of "think up a misinterpretation"... hmmm let me see.. well it doesnt fire a cartridge (it fires a projectile)... nor does it load a cartridge after the last round is fired.. well that settles it... theres no such thing in NZ law as a semi-automatic !


Muntjac said...

The AUG straight pull has been approved by British proof house and as such is a bolt action and would be very difficult to change other wise they would not approve it. I can only guess as the barrel here in NZ is not clasified as part of the firearm, then a barrel with a gas port could be bought in on permit and fitted. The bolt must be different other wise it would fly open on recoil??

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the police expect everyone to purchase these rifles with the intent of turning them into semi-autos, rather than looking at those genuinely interested in such an firearm, and I must say the idea of a bullpup .223 bolt action does appeal to me...

Much like the anti-gun campaigners over in Aus banning the SL-8 R8 "because it could easily be converted to semi-auto" - a claim they could not substantiate, and that HK denied, as the parts were not interchangable with the SL-8 or G-36.

So they got around that with a goofy law saying that all firearms that did not fit a sporting template, regardless of actual function, would be destroyed on import.

Hopefully this is not a sign of such barmy laws popping up here.

Grant said...

As seems to be the theme, licensed, law abiding firearms owners are penalised without credible justification.

Anonymous said...

Never fails to amaze me what the Police will try to get away with.

So, a bolt action can be modified to make it a semi auto, therefore it IS a semi auto??

Well, it is pretty easy to modify an A Cat 10-22 to E Cat. Just put in a bigger magazine, which is a MUCH simpler operation. And yet, sporting configuration 10-22's remain just that: A Cat rifles.

Here's a thought for the police. Control the importation of the gas assembly. Or arrest people for illegally owning Cat E firearms, something existing law already allows.

Pistol Shooter said...

So a glock can be converted to full auto and 33 round mags a readily available. Therefore it can be classified as fully auto (before the conversion is done) ?

A WRX can be modified into a rally car, does this mean its not legal to drive on the road ?

You can make P out of cold\flu tablets, does this mean its a class A drug ?

Everyone has the potential to go over the edge and commit murder, does that make us all criminals ?.

The list goes on.

Anonymous said...

Another crock of brown stuff emitting from wanna be lawmakers.
Disgusting attitude from the departments concerned.
Why not just make more FAL holders begin to get more enraged on this whole fiasco.

Anonymous said...

All bolt action rifles should be banned.

Havent you heard of the "Pedersen Device"

The Pedersen Device is an attachment developed during World War I for the M1903 Springfield rifle that allowed it to fire a short 0.30 (7.62 mm) caliber intermediate cartridge in semi-automatic mode. This wonder weapon was developed to allow infantry to dramatically increase their rate of fire while on the move, while also allowing the rifle to be used in conventional bolt action mode for long-range fire from the trenches.

They are giving themselves a way of taking all our guns if this goes ahead.

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome of this?