Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today we have reached somewhat of a milestone... we just passed 50 and we now have 51 members of our group supporting the cause. This is an important milestone I think, in terms of raising $50,000 to pay for our barrister.

Why do I think that…?

When I started this campaign against the big blue fist of dictatorship, I was faced with having to find $50,000 from myself — (a reasonably onerous task for 'self' I can tip you.) The first person who joined the cause spilt that into $25,000 each. At 50 members we got to $1000.00 each, which is not going to bankrupt anyone but it is still a considerable amount of money for most people in these hard economic times. But the good news is that it all gets easier from here – our group now represents $980.00 each and counting down from here. I have celebrated today's milestone by making a donation of $1000.00 to our fighting fund from my salary; the dog and I are on rice and possum for the rest of the month but we will survive !

Thankyou to all who stay the cause and believe as I do that — in this free country of New Zealand it is the exclusive right of our democratically elected government to govern us and legislate in our name.


Anonymous said...

good on you Richard.

I gues me and other of your supporters are just waiting for the interim postponing of the thumbhole law

Anonymous said...

How do I become a member?

Richard said...

Drop me an email.. my email address is in the side bar...request to subscribe. New electronic mesaage laws dont allow me to subscribe you to an email list unless you ask to me :)