Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Application for interim orders (injunction)

Following today's judicial conference with His Honour Justice MacKenzie, I have authored, filed and served on crown law an interlocutory application for interim orders.

The Registrar of the High Court at Palmerston North will now time-table a hearing and the High Court will determine that application. I have asked that it be heard with urgency given that the 10th of August is the date the defendant is implementing their purported reclassification policy. It is possible, if not likely that the hearing will be held in Wellington (In Chambers - HCR 7.34)




1 comment:

Grant said...

Far out, a $200 fee for that application is steep.

Keep up the good work. An injunction will be a nice first step of success to set the tone for ongoing success against the unwarranted and illegal imposing of nonexistent legislation upon New Zealanders.