Thursday, July 30, 2009

More from me….

I had an email this morning from a shooter who had run into considerable problems with the Police MSSA policy. I replied and copy that reply here, for the information of our participants / supporters.


This all sounds likes like pretty frustrating bollocks. At this stage I would make the following observations / suggestions…

The Police have their own 'bent' on how arms control should be 'administered' in New Zealand. This, in my view, is often in conflict with the purposes of the Act. This MSSA policy which you have shed further light on is a classic example. Parliament specifically recognised in 1989- 1992 that were legitimate reasons for some uses of MSSAs. The intention was 'tight control' not 'eventual eradication; which is the Police intention. Likewise the purpose of the Act is being subjected to gross misfeasance by Police with their 'interpretation' of what is a 'military pattern free-standing pistol grip.'

The Police have arrived at a point in their 'sinking lid' regime of (supposed to be) firearms 'control' that someone… that would be me… has had enough and is going to tackle them head on in Court.  This particular issue is of course different to yours. However we have also seen future policy plans that include limiting all magazines for all firearms to 10 rounds, we have already seen classifying of bolt-action rifles as semi-automatics, and so on and so on.  Neither your issue nor the pistol shooters issues (the 10 round limit on mags) is technically of any interest what-so-ever to me. I couldn't care less if you can't have an MSSA. As long as I can knock over venison for my freezer and use my SL8 to exchange pest control of goats for hunting access I'm happy … does that sound familiar? However…. read on.

I have been droning on and on, here and there, that we (shooters / firearms license holders) in all genres of our sport need to stick together. To this regard my legal action will be the genesis of a new organisation. It will be named the 'National Shooters Association' (assuming that name is available) and it will be open to all license holders, clubs, dealers and importers.  Through subscription fees, dealer sponsorship and other fund raising means, the associations primary function will be to challenge in Court unfounded and unlawful decisions of Police and the Executive in regard to the administration of arms control legislation (The Arms Act and the Arms Regulations.)

So regardless that I personally don't give a toss if you have permission to get an MSSA or not I will be off to the High Court on your behalf, pleadings in hand, for judicial review of any non-purposive administrative decision (such as that made in your case.) We will be doing the political lobby thing to ensure that pistol shooters are not restricted to 10 round magazines, and taking Court action on behalf of any other members to challenge any of these unlawful and non-purposive decisions by our public servants. In summary I can tell you that I will stand beside you as a fellow law-abiding responsible firearms licence holder.

So for now… I highly recommend that you petition all firearms license holders you know to sign on for this fight and carry their subscription over to membership of the National Shooters Association when that is formed. Download the handout from the website and stand-outside your local branch of the 'silent national chain arms dealer 'for ½ an hour.


Anonymous said...

I've had my account from COLFO sitting here for awhile now. Their actions/inaction's have left me less than impressed. I'd be very happy to write a cheque to a new .org that is willing to to put its money where its mouth is.

Anonymous said...

Same here,COLFO has just rolled over and died as far as I am concerned.They have just let this happen and basically agreed with the new interpretation.
I am more than happy to support any organisation that actually does have a mouth and puts FAL holders rights first.
COLFO should be ashamed.

Chris T

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. COLFO will not get another red cent out of me and I am one of the "COLFO 100" originals. Spineless bunch.

Grant said...

Likewise the only 'support' I received out of COLFO was advice on how to abide by the illegal firearms act re-interpretation.

I totally agree that we need a powerful organisation that will contest tooth and nail every erosion of gun ownership freedom from New Zealand's responsible gun owners.

Pistol Shooter said...

Totally agree with everyone here, COLFO is finished in NZ. Ive already pledged to Richard my services in Web Design and Marketing. Cant wait to get this NSA thing up and running.

Anonymous said...

I'd sign up for NSA if it takes off.

This BS has to stop.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not one of the "original 100" but they are not getting any more from me.

I have been a COLFO and SSANZ supporter for over 10 years and I am sick of their gutless approach.

Like Grant said, all I've heard from COLFO (which at least is something, unlike SSANZ) is how to rollover and comply with the new police state dictate.

As far as I'm concerned COLFO and SSANZ are dead in the water.

What is it about bloody Wellington?

Money on it's way Richard!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we can thank the police for one thing. Rarking up shooters into forming an organization which is willing to take them on in the courts. I can't count how many times I've been told by an arms officer that if I didn't like his decision I was welcome to take them to court over it, knowing full well as individuals we don't have the resources to fight them.

PS. I really hate posting as "Anonymous" but I fear being identified will earn me a malicious firearms security check at 4 am.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, the only reason I'm "Anonymous" is because I no longer trust the police either.

Anonymous said...

'Tis a sad day indeed where we all feel the need to post under "Anonymous" in order to exercise our right to free speech...

Good on you Richard for putting your neck on the block, am happily donating to the cause and will gladly join the new organisation. Unfortunately, litigation seems to be the only way for us to legitimately protest.

Anonymous said...

I too am fed up with the manner in which our so called "governing" bodies have just sat back and let the police walk all over them.

When this case of Richards came to my notice I e-mailed as many shooting bodies as I could. I recieved two replies.

COLFO who told me they were not in a financial position to take on the police in court but were in negotiations with the police for a free issue of an E cat licence to those affected. A case of rolling over and taking it where the sun doesnt shine.

The second reply was from NZ Pistol president who informed me that as it didnt affect pistol shooters they wouldnt be doiung anything about it. A very insular poiunt of view anbd one that definitely leads to erosion of all shooters rights. They obviously dont want to rock the boat either.

These weak and diseased groups will no longer have any finacial support from myself. If they are too busy looking out for their own self interest or taking the easy way out they they do not represent me or in my opinion the shooters of NZ.

We need to support this new organisation. If this case is the mark of how it is going to react to these draconian initiatives by govenmment departments that are supposed to serve us not rule us, then I am definitely a supporter.

I lived through the 1980's and 1990's in the UK and had my shooting sports severly curtailed by such laws. Our governing bodies all were persuing their own agendas and as a result we never presented a united fro=nt to the police or the polititians. Divide and conquer works. e were divided and conquered.

Good on you Richard. You have my full support and I look forward to becoming a finacial member of this new , united organisation. I say united as I dont see any difference between any of the shooting disciplines. We are all shooters and as such should support everyone regardless of whether you actually partake of that discipline.

We need a power base that will make those in political power realise that we are a group of people that can affect their political future, just as the NRA in the US does.

Mark K said...

Im in agreement with the forming of a new powerfull national body for firearms users along the lines of american NRA.That is the way of the future to gain suport to fight the political ambitions of groups with secret agendas against all shooting sports.Lets start the regional meets an get organized into working parties.

Anonymous said...

G'day from OZ

Take it from an Aussie Shooter. Whatever concession "they" get out of you it won't be the end.

Once they limit your stock choice / magazine capacity they'll move onto the next thing on their agenda (calibre? action type? number of firearms? Sound suppressors? Amount of ammo you can store?).

The ultimate agenda is to take your guns off you. The gun grabbers in Oz achieved their STATED goals then moved the goal posts.

Nope. Fight tooth and nail to maintain your rights. Hell, fight to gain more rights.

I'm seriously thinking about moving from Oz to NZ for the superior outdoors hunting culture in NZ.

Good luck