Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What does the future hold…

I have recently received an email with the following comment…..

Reading the forums hunters/shooters seem to think once they have obtained their e class endorsement the police are readily going to allow them to pursue the same activities they have previously participated in with their new folding stock, pistol grip, flash hidden, 100 round drum magazine fed upgraded saiga etc.  

Anyone who believes the Police will allow them to obtain hi-cap magazines and other bling for their e-cat… I can convey this information on good authority, and I copy here exactly what was sent to me in another email - verbatim:

3.) The police have requested government to pull back the current arms act amendment bill (3) to make their suggested revisions, …

4.) These revisions will also see the reclassification of all air powered weapons of any sort, including paintball, to require a firearms license for lawful possession.

5.) Also on the agenda is the increase of A-Cat weapons to a maximum of 10 rounds magazine capacity and a decrease of E-Cat to 10 Rounds capacity. E-Cat will therefore only be based on appearance rather than firepower. This will also be applied to B-Cat, as pistols will be allowed a maximum of 10 Round magazine capacity also. The recommendation of police is that there will be no compensation for this, as magazines can be "Cut down". There will likely be a process they will have to follow for this, such as going to select committee and public submission.

As I recently said to some hopeful optimist in one of the forums… "wise up" We (firearms license holders in all genres of the sport of hunting and shooting) need to show a united and consistent front. The only thing that will stop the anti-gun brigade is if a politician is fearful of losing his seat or hopeful of gaining / regaining a seat (in Parliament) If gun-owners show now, in this case, in this battle, on this ground, that they are cohesive, organised and well resourced we will clearly demonstrate that we cannot be ignored and disregarded. If we sit on our collective butts and do nothing our butts will go and the next thing will be [fill in you favourite gun here]. So again "wise-up"


Anonymous said...

This present situation is very much the thin end of the wedge. ALL firearms owners in NZ do need to 'wise up' and take notice. I have already heard talk of "oh well, it's only about those MSSA rifles and the sort of people who like them". This is naive. Too many shooters think that snuggling up to the police in some vain hope that 'plod' will look after them down the line. This week it is semi autos. What is next? Pump guns as they sound sinister? Any scoped bolt action with a scope and black synthetic stock as it is a 'sniper rifle'. As our host says; WISE UP.

Grant said...

Couldn't agree more. A perpetual and insidious battle of varying degrees is being waged by those pushing an anti-gun ownership agenda rooted in foolishness, misinformation and exploitation of an increasingly dumbed down populace. Their efforts are against regular, peaceful, law abiding and fully licensed gun owners nationwide whether firearm owners realise it or not. Decent law abiding citizens are the only ones to be penalised by anti-gun inanity. We bear the full force of compliance while criminals continue their merry way ignoring all the unenforced old laws let alone taking notice of the latest regulations...

Isn't it blatant stupidity in the extreme to have criminals breaking existing law and yet somehow expect them to comply with new regulation? Even worse is the actions by particular Police administrators which, if successful, would merely create criminals out of thousands of normal gun owners nationwide.

Truly such actions are a prime example of a fundamental failure in rudimentary reasoning and a reprehensible public disservice.

Gun owners certainly need to contest tooth and nail every adverse change no matter how seemingly inconsequential because irrational anti-gun hysteria has a habit of slowly eroding our personal freedoms. Any gun owner should have the ability to understand this basic reality. We have seen it happen time and again abroad. If they don't understand this reality, it's a serious worry and they are performing a disservice to law abiding gun owners nationwide whether, intentional or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing to do with Tony McLeods "lack of reasoning".

He is well aware that criminals will not follow new gun laws, but then they are not the target of this legislation, YOU, the law abiding firearms owners of New Zealand are.

There is a VERY strong global movement nowdays by the UN and globlist satelite group (and pursued for them by idiots like Alpers) to completely disarm civilzed populations.

Think I'm a nut already?
Read what is happening in the U.S. of all places at the moment and their most recent supreme court appointments of gun-grabbing judges.

It's not that "they" don't want you deer hunting with a semi-auto rifle or that they're worried about mentally derranged people or criminals with firearms.
It's that they don't want YOU in posession of a firearm, fullstop.


Now why would those actively promoting one-world government want a helpless 'unarmed' global population?

Whats the historical template for totally disarming a population? I think you'll find it usually precedes tyranny and then mass killing/genocide, no, thats not overly dramatic.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous, I also have heard of this UN stuff.
Your not a nutter for trying to inform the people

Grant said...

Well it's obvious some people are insidiously trying to align NZ with the garbage put out by the UN. On the second page of the proposed Arms Amendment(3) it clearly states that the amendment aims to align NZ with aspects of the UN "Transnational Organised Crime" convention. See link:

the fact is that the basis for achieving an anti-gun ownership environment is founded in lies, deception and embarrassingly failed logic. Exposing these failures and hyped up misinformation is necessary if law abiding and responsible New Zealanders are to continue possessing firearms. Gun owners need to be aware of this.

Pistol Shooter said...

Magazine size restrictions for pistols HAHAHHAHAHHA, like it isnt hard enough to get a pistol now and find a place to shoot it.

What the hell are they trying to acheive ???? when did a B-cat pistol shooter last go on a killing spree in NZ ?? and even so a magazine reload can be done in under 2 seconds so not that 10 rounds reduces the amount of killing that can be done.

Please stop the madness.

Anonymous said...

Where has the info for reducing magazines to 10 rounds come from? First I've heard of it but nothing would surprise me at the moment.