Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update on judicial review

Today a case management hearing was held in the High Court at Wellington. A number of issues were discussed involving procedure.

The timetabling has been pencilled in as follows:

11 September

The Commissioner of Police has until 11 September to file evidential affidavits.

02 October

The Applicant has until 02 October to file evidential affidavits.

09 October

Crown law has until 09 October to file legal submissions.

16 October

The Applicant has until 16 October to file legal submissions.

This timetable is aimed at a substantive hearing date which has been reserved for the 22nd October with time also available on October 23rd. While this date is preferred it is flexible and if any issues arise, particularly in the regard to evidential matters, the date can be postponed.

At my request arrangements have been made that an H&K SL8 firearm will be exhibited in Court.

Further issues have arisen when a member of NSA asked Tony McLeod for advice on how to comply an SL8, Tony said he couldn't comment or give any advice… a rather odd response given that the Police advertising campaign is continuing unabated. See the letter at National Shooters Association Website .

A statement of defence was filed by Crown law but this is considered to be defective because it doesn't disclose any grounds for defence but merely admits the Commissioner and I disagree over what is a military pattern free standing pistol grip: i.e. I say that a military pattern free standing pistol grip is a military pattern free standing pistol grip and he says it's something else.

As most of you would have seen, Joe Green went on TV and publicly stated that the firearms that police are targeting do in fact comply with the definition of a sporting configuration. Joe hasn't been heard from since then and I suspect he may have been transferred to outer Siberia on traffic duties.

The Herald has written another misleading and inaccurate story. NSA has responded to the Herald. See the reports on the National Shooters Association Website .


Anonymous said...

Is there somewhere to view Joe Green's statement?

Unknown said...

Here ya go:

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I see the Police have remove the
SL8 from there website