Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outcome of Judicial Conference

Justice MacKenzie dealt with various procedural issues this morning.

The shape and form of the proceedings have been accepted and the substantive issue has been adequately set out. There has been no requirement to amend the statement of claim.

The defendant has been given until August 7th to file a notice of defence. Once that is filed there will be a further judicial case management (telephone)conference on August 18th to deal with issues of discovery and evidence.

I raised with the judge that I was not satisfied to wait until August 18th to deal with the issue of interim relief orders. I pointed out that there were 240,000 people effected by the Police policy and that that was due to be imposed on us on the 10th of August. The Judge instructed that an application for interim orders was to be filed and he accepted that that application would be timetabled separately and heard, probably in Wellington, for the sake of expediancy.

I have had discussions with other stake-holders yesterday evening and this morning and we are gaining momentum and increasingly the financial clout to get a .50 CAL full-auto barrister on our team. Keep up the good work pounding the streets for donations.


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Grant said...

Lets hope the slowly grinding cogs of the judiciary don't let firearm owners down, uphold justice, and thoroughly mince up those responsible for this re-interpretation lunacy. Hopefully the app for interim orders is favourably acted upon by the judge.